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Our Department managers


Legal Dept.

Finance Dept.

Marketing Dept.

Operations Dept.

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Jacob Azarbad

bobby Falack

Eric Azrak

Max Elmann

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Hr Dept.

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Jacqueline Romano

Chief HR Officer

My role as the HR Manager and CHRO perfectly matches my innate ability to act as a mediator during conflicts. Leading the HR team in projects such as crafting the HR handbook and managing employee relations aligns seamlessly with my skills, creating a positive and harmonious work environment.

As the leader of the Sales, Marketing, and Design team at SafeNet Insurance, I drive strategic initiatives in all three fields. With a keen understanding of the insurance landscape, I implement innovative sales strategies and collaborate with other teams to ensure effective and productive work. The team emphasizes growth within oneself and their abilities, as well as their contributions to SafeNet.

As CEO of SafeNet, I bring a wealth of experience in market analysis, automation, development, and, above all, leadership. Throughout my career, I have successfully guided businesses in the real world, leveraging my expertise to make critical corporate decisions, oversee overall operations, and chart the strategic direction of our organization. My passion for the business world is the driving force behind my commitment to propel our company to success.

As SafeNet's Chief Operating Officer, I head the Management Risk and Legal Department. At SafeNet our unique management approach creates a collaborative environment where all of our employees work together to achieve success for our company. As an insurance company responsible for the financial security of the companies we insure, we know the importance of a legal team equipped with a robust plan to mitigate risk and protect our clients. Our team is truly dedicated to ensuring a worry free future for      the entire VEI community. 

As CFO, I try to instill a deep sense of purpose into our bookkeeping here at SafeNet. Finance and accounting is the key to opening the doors of success - for our team and yours. We’re here to keep operations running smoothly and allocate funds to ameliorate any rough patches. We’ve got your back! 

Our Clientele

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